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¿Who wouldn’t like to live in a world with less pollution and to spend less on fuel?


CAMBRIA is an innovative and visionary project to build electric cars in Costa Rica – a COMPACT, EFFICIENT AND CREATIVE new design of car.

CAMBRIA uses electricity as its main power source: from a common 120 volt, 240 volt, or SAE J1772 charger plug.  We also have a unique double roof system that shades the windshield when parked and provides an additional range of near 20 kilometers – added to that already in the battery pack.  Many days you won’t even have to plug in to recharge!

The intelligent design of the CAMBRIA allows a novel fabrication method that needs much less investment than traditional cars.  Thus we can make cars PROFITABLY ON ANY SCALE, and our franchisees can too.

CAMBRIA is initially designed and built in rural Costa Rica, strengthening our local and regional economy.

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Advantages of the Cambria CR electric car!

Ecological     Economical     Easy maintenance

A new industry for Costa Rica or our franchisee’s country.

What is CAMBRIA CR?   CAMBRIA is a new brand of car that is 100% Costa Rican.  Our cars and other vehicles are designed especially for the needs of Costa Rica, which include steep and poorly maintained roads, abundant rainfall, and traffic speeds not over 100 kilometers per hour (62 mph).  This allows us to “gear down” our cars for more acceleration and hill climbing ability compared to cars that can but never do go faster!

What is our market?   Our first focus will be on niche markets like those who want a UNIQUE ELECTRIC VEHICLE with features NO OTHER brand offers, like adjustable suspension, available four-wheel-drive, gullwing doors for under $100,000, and central driver position). We will target the eco-tourism hotels and tourism companies, and rural retiree markets where these features combine practicality with a positive ecology.  We will also focus on company fleets that can use our cars in the Greater Metropolitan Area of San Jose, where gasoline vehicles have restrictions.  Once we can increase production, we will focus more directly on sales direct to the mass market.

What will the Cambria CR cost?  We hope to keep the selling price near $25,000 for the small battery version, and near $30,000 for the large battery version.  Options at added cost can include four-wheel drive, an on-board hybrid gasoline or propane generator (2500 watts) for emergency range extension, air conditioning (not needed above 1000 meters altitude) and a future extended cargo version.

When will the Cambria be available?  That depends on funding for us to complete our prototype.  We are now concentrating on our unique CAMBRIA FOLDING TRIKES to provide an income and better equip our shop and factory to be able to restart the car project once more favorable laws are passed, which we expect to happen sometime in this coming year 2017.  If enough customers show an interest in our cars we could restart the process using customer deposits, but expect it is better for customers to wait until the major tax benefits of the new proposed electric vehicle promotion law go into effect.

To explain the unanticipated delays in starting to market our cars see under the heading A VERY SAD EXPERIENCE on the Our Project page.   You can contact us.


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